Baronial Awards:

Looking for the Baronial Roll of Arms? 

The Barony of Innilgard has a number of awards, some which are given out upon achieving certain conditions (such as first time Stewarding), others which are given out by recommendation from the populace. If you know of someone worthy of an award, please contact the Baronage and write a recommendation.

Order of the Fretted Goblet – Service
Order of the Knotted Noose (blue) – First time Stewarding
Order of the Knotted Noose (red) – First time Head Cook/Feast Stewarding
Order of the Gobbled Frette – Cooking Championship
Order of the Golden Owl – Arts and Sciences
Order of the Huscarls – Armoured Combat (Heavy)
Order of the Silver Frette – Courtesy
Order of the Primus Agmen – Setup & Packdown
Order of the Courtiers – Unarmoured Combat (Rapier/C&T)
Order of the Fretted Fiddle – Entertainment
Order of the Embattled Ivy – Long term service
Baronial Cypher
Pilgrims Token

If you know of someone worthy of one of the above baronial awards, please check the Baronial Roll of Arms to make sure they haven’t already received it, and then fill out the form below to make a recommendation:

Award Recommendations

To recommend someone for a Kingdom-level award, please use the recommendation form at Canon Lore.