Innilgard Arts and Sciences Champion

The Innilgard Baronial A&S Championship runs from May to May every year and seeks to encourage and promote the Arts and Sciences in Innilgard. It is designed to encourage gentles to try new areas of the arts and sciences and to encourage variety and diversity. It is a way to encourage inexperienced artisans as well as experienced players to enter competitions. Points accumulate for each entry and count towards the entrant’s tally for the given competition year. The Innilgard A&S Champion is announced at an appropriate event around May each year.

The A&S Officer (or deputy) keeps accounts of points awarded for each competition, and a running total for each participant. No scores or ranks are published throughout the year. The winner of the Innilgard A&S Championship will receive a token. The token is a miniature gold metal candle holder.

2024 AS59 – Appel von Nuremberg
2023 AS58 –
Mariota Blackwood
2022 AS57 – Dytryk Lehrer
2021 AS56 – Not held due to plague
2020 AS55 – Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra
2019 AS54 – William Forester de Blacwode
2018 AS53 May 19 – Faelan mac Flainn
2017 AS52 May 21 – Trica Ludwig
2016 AS51 July – Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra
2015 AS50 May 17 – Gabriel Ziegler
2014 AS49 October 19 – Faelen mac Flainn
2013 AS48 September 13 – Elena le Breustere