Founded: January 23-26 1988 AS22 – Innilgard Collegium, Malvern Uniting Church Hall. Baron Tovye and Baroness Aislinn create the Order of the Golden Owl.

About: The Golden Owl is given for accomplishments in the Arts and Sciences. In her own words Baroness Aislinn says “I love owls , collect them, and they are also Athena’s own, and a symbol of wisdom.”

Founding members:

Aesla of Ifeld (cooking & subtleties)
Bryony Khureem of the Bees (embroidery, belly dancing & calligraphy)
Gereint Scholar (heraldry)
Hassan ibn Ysau (story telling and cooking)
Miriam Galbraith of the Green Flame (singing & dancing)
Myfanwy O’Dyfed (costuming, embroidery & cooking)
Osgot of Corfe (woodworking & cooking)
Silfren the Singer (entertainment)