Founded: February 28 1987 AS21 – Renaissance Toga Party, Masonic Hall, Tusmore.

About: The Gobbled Frette is an Innilgard award for a specific cooking competition. The winner of a Gobbled Frette Cooking Competition is awarded a wooden frette token and is required to run another Gobbled Frette cooking competition within a year. The next winner is presented with the wooden token and the previous winner is presented with a pewter token.
The Gobbled Frette cooking competition is run separately to A&S competitions (and does not count towards the A&S Championship as it is a separate award) but is run under the same guidelines. Entries should be based on sources and/or resources from the SCA period which is generally considered to be pre 1600 CE.
Entrants should supply competition paperwork with their entries. Three forms are required and can be found here:
Documentation to go with your entry is always a good idea. Some advice on writing A&S documentation can be found here:
Some links and resources on cooking in the SCA period can be found here:
Please be sure to maintain good food hygiene and handling practices: Food standards and safety | Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care

A note on the Cooks’ Guild

Members of the Lochac Cooks’ Guild may like to use this competition as an opportunity to get comments on their recipe and submit it for ranking within the Guild (this is optional.) If you decide to do this, please supply a Guild submission form with your entry and ensure that there are a minimum of five serves of food available for tasting. Submission forms can be found at:
Members of the Lochac Cooks’ Guild aim to practice cooking in the style of the Medieval and Renaissance periods, research and study period cooking and make available information on all aspects of period cooking as it pertains to the Society for Creative Anachronism. If you would like to join the Guild, please complete a Membership form and give it to me (Fionn – Scribal Warden and Innilgard member of the Cooks Guild). Membership in the Guild is not required to enter the Gobbled Frette Competition and submission of recipes for comment and ranking is an optional part of Guild Membership.
Membership forms can be found here:

The First recipient was Hassan ibn Ysau.

The known winners of the Gobbled Frette are:

  • Hassan ibn Ysau – Feb 1987
  • Aislinn de Valence – Oct 1987
  • Osgot of Corfe – Feb 1988
  • Esla of Ifeld – Sep 1988
  • Eoin O’Halloran – Jan 1989
  • Tovye Woolmongere – Jul 1990
  • James Ericsson – Jan 1991
  • Myfanwy ferch Dafydd – Aug 1991
  • Lucrezia Lorenz – Feb 1993
  • Pol Potigier – Aug 1993
  • Adeline Amery – Aug 1996
  • Leofwynn Wulfinga – Aug 1997
  • Adeline Amery – Mar 1998
  • Nicolette de Coulours – Jun 1999
  • Leofwynn Wulfinga – Mar 200
  • Ingerith Ryzka – Nov 2001
  • Katherina Weyssin von Regenspurk – June 2003
  • Linet atte Falcons Nest – Oct 2004
  • Edine Godin – Oct 2012
  • Elena le Breustere – Oct 2012
  • Aeschine of Arran – Oct 2013
  • Amos Ironbeard – Mar 2015
  • Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra – Jan 2016
  • Amos Ironbeard – Oct 2016
  • Aeschine of Arran – May 2017
  • Fálki óþveginn – May 2017
  • Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra – May 2019
  • Dytryk Lehrer – Mar 2021
  • Fionnabhair inghean ui Mheadhra – ? 2022
  • Eleanor Snellgrove – September 2023