Monday Arts & Sciences Nights 

Our monthly A&S meetup is held on the first Monday night of each month from 6pm to 9pm at the ABC building at 85 North East Road, Collinswood. Bring along your own project to work on, or join in on the scheduled class.

Planned classes for 2023-24

  • Dec 4th 23, Personal Projects
  • Jan 1st 24, No Meetup
  • Feb 5th 24, Lady Kaczna of Bohemia, Display of various Hats (Show and Tell)
  • Mar 4th 24, THL Sorcha le Breton, Understanding Court, Titles, and Regalia (Interactive), Please come in Garb
  • CANCELLED: Apr 1st 24, Pre-Festival Project Finishing
  • May 6th 24, Mistress Bryony, Spinning Yarn (Communal Learning)
  • June 3rd 24, Mistress Collette, Learn to Dance (Interactive Class)
  • July 1st 24, Lord Gabriel Ziegler, Make your own Heraldry (Interactive Class)
  • Aug 5th 24, Lady Curie Estelle, lntroduction to Leatherworking (Interactive Class)
  • Sept 2nd 24, Sir Eva von Danzig, Learn to Applique (Interactive Class)
  • Oct 7th 24, Lord Andris von Ortenburg, Natural Dyes 101 (Show and Tell) 
  • Nov 4th 24, Lady Zofia Varsoviensis, Come and Try Kumihimo (Interactive Class)
  • Dec 2nd 24, Sir Mari Alexander, Sewing Machine Maintenance (Show and Tell)


There is parking available both roadside and in the attached carpark, being careful not to use the reserved spaces in the carpark, please be sure to check signage. Enter through the front door and sign in using the kiosk at the security desk in order to receive your identification tag. An officer will be available to open the security doors and lead you to the club room.

Sign In Procedure

  • Select Visitor-Tenant
  • Select Mini Mammoth Games
  • Enter your details
  • Select David Mccan


Attendees must sign in for training, so bring your membership card. This event is free for SCA members, but there is an additional $10 fee for non-members.

Please contact Dytryk Lehrer for more info