The Society for Creative Anachronism Heavy fighters are fully armored combatants who fight with rattan weapons. As it was for the Knights of old who used baton weapons to train for war without doing permanent harm to their friends and compatriots, so too do we train and compete. This allows us to fight at full speed using an almost unlimited variety of blows with safety.

Our time frame is 600 ADE to 1600 ADE and there is no limit to which culture you can recreate both on or off the field of combat.

The traditions and training of Heavy fighters began at the birth of the SCA over 60 years ago and have been developing to this day. In Innilgard there are Fighters, Squires, Champions and Knights who are all willing to help you along the path of Chivalry including the fighting style and traditions of our craft.

To fight Heavy you are required to be ‘authorised’ – showing you are competent, safe and have a working knowledge of the rules. You are required to have a minimum amount of armour, including Helms, Eye Wear, Neck, Body, Shoulder, Groin, Hand, Wrist, Arm and Leg armor. We can help you to acquire these abilities and equipment.

Until you have acquired the relevant protective equipment and authorisation, we have loaner gear that you can use to train and many instructors to help you learn. This equipment and training is provided at no extra charge (beyond regular membership / insurance fees) so you can ‘try before you buy’.

Regular practices occur on Sundays from 10 AM at our Sunday Gathering

If you are interested in learning Heavy please contact the Innilgard Heavy Marshal or email:

The rules for Heavy combat can be found here.

Awards for Armoured Combat:

There are varied awards that can be earned by those involved with Heavy Combat. These are listed below and further information about how to earn any of these awards is available on request.



Red Wyvern
Golden Sword
Silver Helm
Champion of Lochac
Knotted Sword
Wreath of Chivalry
Wreath of Valour