Rapier fighting is a period form of fencing, most common from the mid 1500’s and into the early 1600s. The main differences between Rapier and modern fencing are: Rapier is fought not just ‘in line’ (like modern fencing) but ‘in the round’, meaning that you may side step your opponent. This makes the footwork very different from modern ‘Olympic fencing’. Modern fencing uses a foil or epee. The modern form of these were not used pre-1600 AD. In the SCA, we primarily use rapiers – a wider, heavier blade, which were the type of sword used at this time, though other earlier types of sword can also be used. The types of fighting used in the SCA are modeled on the writings of the fencing masters of our period. This can lead to different styles and forms of fighting than are found in modern sport fencing.

The Innilgard School of Fencing has been in existence for over 10 years, and is experiencing continuing success. Regular practices occur on Sundays from 1200 onwards at our Regular Meetings

To fight rapier you are required to be ‘authorised’ – showing you are competent, safe and have a working knowledge of the rules. You are required to have a minimum amount of armour, including a fencing mask, for safety. With the Lochac Kingdom rules, we can fight with either fibreglass rapiers or commercial metal rapiers that are up to the Kingdom standards. We can help you to acquire these abilities and equipment.

Until you have acquired the relevant protective equipment and authorisation, we have loaner gear that you can use to train and many instructors to help you learn. This equipment and training is provided at no extra charge (beyond regular membership / insurance fees) so you can ‘try before you buy’.

If you are interested in learning Rapier please contact the Innilgard Rapier Marshal via Email: rapier@innilgard.lochac.sca.org

The rules for Rapier can be found here.

Awards for Rapier

There are varied awards that can be earned by those involved with Rapier. These are listed below and further information about how to earn any of these awards is available on request.


Order of Defence
Order of the Laurel
Order of the Red Wyvern
Order of the Rapier

Royal Guild of Defence

The Royal Guild of Defence is a Kingdom-wide guild aimed at research, teaching and fighting in forms that existed pre 1600AD. Many of Innilgard and College rapier fighters are members of the guild. While membership to the Guild is free it is not required for authorisation.

The Guild is dedicated to supporting the research and teaching of the period martial arts of Europe, as detailed in the various extant fencing and wrestling manuals.

Members of the Guild may achieve one of four ranks:

Free Scholar
Guild Master

An unranked member is a Scholar. The other ranks are achieved by succesfully Playing your Prize. You will need sponsorship of a Provost or Guildmaster to play for the first three ranks. Playing a Grand Master prize is by invitation only.

For further information, see the Royal Guild of Defence website (http://www.sca.org.au/rapier/index.php/Guild)

If you are interested in joining the Guild of Defence please contact Guildmaster William Blackwood via Email: kenner@internode.on.net or Phone 0407771538