Our Events

General Information:

Unless stated otherwise, all events are in-garb events. All attendees are expected to wear at least an attempt at pre-17th century garb. If you need to borrow some clothes for the event, please contact the Hospitaller at least a week before the event to arrange to borrow something appropriate.

Minors are welcome to attend SCA events and training, but they must have a parent/guardian present. A parent/guardian can also nominate another adult each event or training session as a caregiver to serve this purpose, please ask the Constable for a form, or print one yourself (2017 form here).


Sunday 19th March 2023 – Royal Pas dÁrmes

Come one and all! To celebrate our Noble King Thibault through feats of arms displayed in honourable combat! There shall be a pas d’armes (challenge tournament) held in both armoured combat and rapier combat. Each tournament shall run for one hour. Armoured tournament opens directly after court. Rapier tournament opens at the conclusion of the armoured tournament.

  • Where: Harry Bowey Reserve, Riverside Drive, Salisbury Park
  • What Time: Setup 9am. Event start and Heavy Armour inspection opens 9:30am. Event start at 10am. Rapier Armour inspection opens 10:30am.
  • Steward: Sir Felix
  • Booking Form: Not applicable – Just show up!
  • Activities: heavy and rapier tournaments
  • Cost: Members FREE, Non-Member Adult $10, Non-Member Minor $5
  • Link to facebook event page

Saturday 18th March 2023 – St Christina’s Newcomers Feast

St Christina is holding a feast to welcome all newcomers to the college! Dust off your feasting gear and pretty garb, and come attend for an evening of revelry and fun. We shall be having a display of the Arts and Sciences at the event! If you have a project (or multiple) that you are proud of, please bring it along, whether it be needlework, woodwork, smithing, leatherwork, calligraphy, or anything else that we do! Please attach your name to any display pieces, both so that we know who to get it back to at event close, and also so that people know who to talk to if they are at all interested in what has been put on display.

For newcomers: our events are all garbed (attendees must wear their best attempt at pre-17th century clothing), and everyone must bring their own feasting gear (cup, bowl, plate, knife, fork, & spoon). If you don’t have these things, don’t worry! We have gear we can loan you. If you ask for help in the form, our Seneschal will be in contact with you to arrange what you need.

Please note: this is a dry event due to legal restrictions. Feel free to bring any non-alcoholic beverages you wish though!

  • Where: Oasis Building Flinders Uni (Bedford Park campus).
  • What Time: Set up: 4pm; Event start 5pm; End 9pm.
  • Steward: Hem’Inpu Nephertiti
  • Booking Form: Book Here Bookings close midnight 15th March
  • Activities: Feasting as well as Arts & Sciences
  • Cost: $20

If you find an error, or wish an event added/updated, please email the Webminister