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General Information:

Unless stated otherwise, all events are in-garb events. All attendees are expected to wear at least an attempt at pre-17th century garb. If you need to borrow some clothes for the event, please contact the Hospitaller at least a week before the event to arrange to borrow something appropriate.

Minors are welcome to attend SCA events and training, but they must have a parent/guardian present. A parent/guardian can also nominate another adult each event or training session as a caregiver to serve this purpose, please ask the Constable for a form, or print one yourself (2017 form here).


Sunday 31st October 2021 – Foundation Day Picnic

Come and celebrate the day Innilgard was founded!

  • Where: Jo Gapper Park, Blackburn Rd, Hillbank
  • Steward: Aeschine of Arran
  • Booking Form: Coming soon!
  • Activities: games,

Sunday 7th November – Guild Prize Day

The Royal Guild of Defence have planned a day for the many Rapier Prizes needing to be fought. This will take most of the day, with a small tourney to end. With November Crown announced as 14th November, this event was approved for 7th November.

  • Where: Jo Gapper Park, Blackburn Rd, Hillbank
  • Steward: William Blackwood
  • Booking Form: Coming soon!
  • Activities: fencing prizes, fencing tournament

If you find an error, or wish an event added/updated, please email the Web Minister