Resources for running events:

Event Steward Handbook
– Outlines the mandatory requirements for events in Lochac; and guidance regarding common ways to ensure a positive and successful event.
– Also has info on what is required in an event report

Event Submission Form DOC
– Required to Steward an event in Innilgard. Fill out and submit to Seneschal/Reeve/Baronial Council a minimum of 3 months in advance for booked/catered events, 1 month for tournaments.

Kingdom Event Database
– Submit your event proposal here as well as the above paperwork to Seneschal/Reeve/Council

Baronial Stocktake
– A list of items held in Baronial stock – these are quite useful for running events!

Event Report Template
– For formatting and submitting event reports to the Seneschal and Baronial Council

Baronial Court Report
– For heralds to send a record of awards and appointments in Baronial Court

A&S competition forms (you need to submit both together with your entry)

A&S Competition Entry Form
– Want to submit an entry for an Arts and Sciences competition? You’ll need to print off and fill out these!

A&S- Competition Judging Form
– Both A&S Forms are required to submit a competition entry.

Other Resources

Baronial Device Template
– For use on the Baronial Device Banners

List Templates!
– For use in running any and every rapier or heavy tournament

Quarterly Report Form
– For Officer Reporting

Book of Ceremonies
– For copies of our litanies and baronial ceremonies