If you’re wondering who is best to contact for general information about the SCA and Innilgard, please contact the Seneschal or the Baroness & Baron, or come along to one of our Sunday Gatherings at the Guide Hall on Brand St, Beulah Park.

Baroness & Baron (Titular heads of the Barony & representatives of the Crown in Innilgard)
Baron Haos Windchaser & Baroness Bryony Beehyrd PH: 0488 752 086

Seneschal (Combined President & Secretary, Lead event coordinator)
Sir Mari Alexander

Covid Deputy Seneschal
Sir Mari Alexander

Reeve (Treasurer)
Lord Mathias Feuerbach

Herald (Assists with heraldry, ceremony, names & arms)
Lady Ari Egillsdóttir

Knight Marshal (Encourages and organises armoured combat, especially the safety aspects)
THL Timothy of Newton

Rapier Marshal (Encourages and organises unarmoured combat, especially the safety aspects)
Lady Kaczna of Bohemia

Captain of Archers (Encourages and organises archery, both target shooting and combat archery, especially the safety aspects)
Mistress Collette de Harcourt (Rebecca Tonkin)

Constable (Chief Safety Officer, responsible for insurance indemnities & lost property)
Lady Curie Estelle 

Arts and Sciences (The Minister for Arts & Sciences encourages all forms of period arts & crafts)
Lord Dytryk Lehrer

Hospitaller (Provides garb and feast equipment for new members and visitors – given advance notice)
THL Baroness Linet of Falcon’s Rest
Please contact a week in advance of the event for which you need garb or gear.

Chatelaine (Coordinates recruitment for the group)
Marguaritte de Valenssa

Chronicler (Produces the “Innilgard Irregular”, our group’s monthly newsletter)
Mistress Collette de Harecourt

Lists (Organises the order of combat, and records results)
Noble Kazimier Sklyarovich

Chirurgeon (Maintains and coordinates first aid and first aid resources)
Euphemia de Niccolo Ziani

Scribal Warden (Local Contact for the College of Scribes)
Mistress Fionn inghean ui Mheadhra (Fionn o’Mara)

Historian (Records and maintains the history of Innilgard)
Mistress Fionn inghean ui Mheadhra (Fionn o’Mara)

Children & Youth (Coordinates youth activities)
Hem’Yinpu Nefertiti 

Quartermaster (Stores and provides access to event & setup gear)
The Honourable Lady Sorcha le Breton

Social Media Officer (Looks after our social media)
Oliver Hawkins

Web Minister (Maintains this website)
Seigneur Ollivier Le Floch

University branches:

Adelaide University Society for Creative Anachronism (the College of Blessed Herman the Cripple) Seneschal (President, Lead event coordinator)
Lady Zofia Varsoviensis

Flinders University Society for Creative Anachronism (the College of Christina the Astonishing) Seneschal (President, Lead event coordinator)
Aífe ingen Cathail