Barony of Innilgard Awards

1986 AS21

June 21 – Baron Tovye and Baroness Aislinn create the Order of the Fretted Goblet.

The Fretted Goblet, given for service and endeavour, was chosen as a token for the order as a useful item and it also reflects on the barony’s reputation as a drinking barony.

Founding members: Lillian Guy of Swanson, Bard Dragontower, Gereint Scholar, Bryony of the Bees, Haos Windchaser

1986 AS21

November – Baron Tovye and Baroness Aislinn create the Order of the Knotted Noose.

The ceremony includes the words: that the recipient “through outstanding stewarding, definitely demonstrated the excessive exertion normally nurtured by serious Society seneschals and other overworked underlings. Because of this initial enmeshing in the convoluted coils creating and continuing the Creative Anachronism in the Barony of Innilgard, the noose is knotted, the net is cast, the trap is sprung.”

In her own words Baroness Aislinn says “The knotted noose, for first time autocrats, was based on the idea that your first time as an autocrat wont be your last, so you have your head in the noose, so to speak.”

Founding members: Osgot of Corfe, Arien merch Eynion, Bohdan Nepran

1987 AS21

February 28 – Renaissance Toga Party, Masonic Hall, Tusmore.

The token is given to the winner of a set cooking competition and is usually run annually at a feast.

First recipient is Hassan ibn Ysau

1988 AS22

January 23-26 – Innilgard Collegium, Malvern Uniting Church Hall. Baron Tovye and Baroness Aislinn create the Order of the Golden Owl.

The Golden Owl is given for accomplishments in the Arts and Sciences. In her own words Baroness Aislinn says “I love owls , collect them, and they are also Athena’s own, and a symbol of wisdom.”

Founding members:

Aesla of Ifeld (cooking & subtleties)
Bryony Khureem of the Bees (embroidery, belly dancing & calligraphy)
Gereint Scholar (heraldry)
Hassan ibn Ysau (story telling and cooking)
Miriam Galbraith of the Green Flame (singing & dancing)
Myfanwy O’Dyfed (costuming, embroidery & cooking)
Osgot of Corfe (woodworking & cooking)
Silfren the Singer (entertainment)

1994 AS29

August 7- Tourney of Pearls, War Memorial Drive. Baron Tovye and Baroness Aislinn create the Order of the Huscarles.

Our Barony has many strengths, and in its people lie many talents. Counted high amongst these is skill at arms, for the might of the sword is oft needed, both in times of peace and peril.

In combat, prowess and chivalry are but two sides of the one coin. For this reason did Tovye and Aislinn create and appoint the Huscarls of Innilgard, so that the might and honour of our Barony will ever be nurtured and that our borders never go undefended.”

Founding members: Eric Alard (Sargent), Dhugal teach Aneas, Aylwin Greymane

1996 AS31

July 13 – Innilgard’s 10th Anniversary Celebration, Annesley College. Baron Tovye and Baroness Aislinn create the Order of the Silver Frette.

The Silver Frette is given to those who show exemplary grace and courtesy to all.

Founding members:

Haos Windchaser, Hasan ibn Esau, Stefan Rosenwulf, Grainne of Starmount, Stephen of Irongate, Osgot of Corfe, Esla of Ifeld

1998 AS32

April 18 – Rowany Recovery Heraldic Tourney & Feast, Wrectory, Woodville Gardens. Baron Osgot and Baroness Esla create the Innilgard Primus Agmen.

An empty hall becomes a feasting hall by virtue of much time spent collecting, transporting and installing the furnishings fit for the pleasures of gentle and noble company.

Likewise, the transformation of an open field into a complete encampment, within the Barony or far away, requires prodigious efforts and great commitment.

The vanguard of the group, those primus agmen, bring to the open field and the empty hall those things that create a little piece of Innilgard, where ever it may be.

Unseen, without fuss, they remove it once the revelry has ended.

Great efforts in these labours are a special service to the Barony, and richly deserve recognition.”

Founding members:

Michael of Innilgard, Daffyd Llewlyn, Giovannino di Vidor, Robert of Strathconan, Douglas Hathaway

2005 AS39

February 20 – Baronial Rapier Championship, Hazelwood Park. Baron Dai and Baroness Alycie create the Order of the Courtiers of Innilgard.

The Courtiers of Innilgard were formed to defend the Barony against all adversaries. Blades dedicated to Innilgard, united in defence during times of turmoil and tranquility, advancing the arts of rapier amongst the populous, and serving the Barony with courage and courtesy at all times.

Founding members: Aylwin Greymane, Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye

2006 AS41

September 23 – Feast Day of Blessed Herman the Cripple, Clovelly Park Memorial Hall. Baron Drake and Baroness Blodeuwedd create the Order of the Red Knotted Noose.

Founding members: Emoni Wintl, Sciothniamh of Arran

2014 AS48

April 5 – Baronial Investiture, Estonian Hall, North Adelaide. Baron Aylwin and Baroness Ingerith create the Order of the Fretted Fiddle.

Founding members: Hedgehog (Jann Sepp, Elizabeth Piper of Oddington, Alisaundre de Kilmaron, Aylwin Greymane)

2016 AS51

June 18 – 30th Year Celebration, Malvern Uniting Church Hall. Baron Yevan and Baroness Eva create the Order of the Embattled Ivy given for “dedicated service and extraordinary deeds spanning decades”.

Founding members: Aylwin Greymane, Ingerith Ryzka, Bryony Beehyrd, Haos Windchaser