Covid Update!

Greetings Innilgard, Due to the current COVID cluster, the SA Government has instigated a partial lockdown starting today (17/11/20) and, at this time, lasting for 14 days. What this means for us is Sunday Training/A&S is cancelled for the 22nd and 29th of November. At this point these are the only dates cancelled, as per the current state regulations. Also, any other gatherings that fall under the SCA insurance are also cancelled during this lockdown. The B&B, Sir Mari, and I will be discussing this matter and will keep you all informed of what is happening as we either, make our own decisions, or the government updates their advice. Below is a link to the current restrictions by the SA Government as of 22/11/20

This is the clause that pertains to us: There are also restrictions on certain types of activity. These activities may not go ahead: indoor or outdoor community sports fixtures and trainings (this does not include elite, professional or intra-school sports)
In service, Aeschine of Arran Seneschal, Innilgard

From Your Baron and Baroness,

From Your Baron and Baroness,

Greetings and Salutations.

We bring the great news that Innilgard is finally able to start up face to face activities once more.

      The first live Sunday Training is to be 6th September 2020!

We shall be starting up carefully, and slowly, to make sure that the new systems are properly in place, and work satisfactorily.

Behind the scenes, many of the officers of the Barony have worked hard to complete the preparation we needed. Our Seneschal, Lady Sorcha le Breton, has worked with the SA Govt and our Covid-Safe Plan is approved. She has negotiated the terms for our continued use of the Girl Guides Hall with its management, and she has liaised with the Kingdom for the ongoing requirements for events and insurance to cover our game. Master Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye has produced an incredibly sophisticated Preregistration Form and database, to handle the booking and prepaying needed for any event or activity these days, and will be training the constables in its use. Our Chirurgeon, Baroness Aeschine of Arran has organised all our cleaning supplies and regimen, and produced the signs to remind us of the rules we need to follow. Our Webminister, Lord Amos Ironbeard, is updating the Innilgard website with all this new information, and sending the links widely throughout Innilgard, so all our people may hear the news. Master Yevan de Leeds has offered to coordinate the Covid-Marshal roster, a recent requirement of SA Govt. Many people have taken the time to attend our discord meetings, and given input into these reopening plans, making them more robust and user friendly.

Innilgard is blest to have such devoted officers working so successfully for the good of us all. We are very proud of them.

Other activities are being planned, but not yet finalised. Arts and Sciences Evenings may be possible later in the year. Beefacres Hall is still booked for November, and we are hoping to use it. Since it is a different venue, it will require another Covid-Safe plan to be approved by SA Govt. There is a thought that our first in-garb event could be the annual Foundation Picnic in late October, to be held in Mellor Reserve. After this hiatus in activity, to start again with the Foundation Picnic seems rather appropriate.

While modern technology is an undoubted blessing in these isolated times, we are so looking forward to occupying the same physical space (at 1.5m distance!) with any who can manage it.

Yours in Service

Haos and Bryony


Feasting in a Time of Pestilence

Feasting in a Time of Pestilence

Greetings all

The Barony of Innilgard is running an online Arts and Sciences Competition! Due to the general difficulties of supply and the availability of resources during the current pestilence a cooking competition would be practical, fun and an enjoyable way to learn something about period life.

I would like to keep the topic as broad as possible. So almost any period recipe goes i.e. anything from Rome to 1600 (approximately). You will however have to do more documentation than usual due to the online nature of the competition. So lots of photos of your work as you go and perhaps even a video for us to see you doing it. And of course detailed pictures of the final product and perhaps some images or videos of it being eaten. (Some relevant quotes from those who tried it would be useful.)

You will still need the standard details you find on the Baronial A&S competition forms. ( These can be emailed to me, along with the images and videos. Make it clear who you are so your wonderful work doesn’t get confused with others. I will get them judged anonymously (where possible) by judges online. If you want to put progress reports up on the Innilgard Facebook page that might encourage others to have a go.

I was thinking a month gives us plenty of time for research and tasting! How about a closing date of the last day of May.

There are numerous resources for medieval recipes online so no excuse to avoid providing period sources for your creation.

So get your entries to me by midnight on May 30.

This competition is a local one for the Barony of Innilgard and College of Blessed Herman residents only. Send your entries to

Have fun

Master William Blackwood

Innilgard A&S Officer

2020 Event Update from the Seneschal


Greetings Innilgard

This is in regard to the directions by the Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown to suspend all face to face meetings of the SCA throughout Lochac for the rest of March and all of April.

The Baron and I have come to a decision (the Baroness is unavailable at the moment due to a prior engagement). We will abide by the Kingdom Seneschal’s decision starting today.

This means that all trainings, meetings and events will be postponed until after April.

I understand that this could be considered overkill but we need to take precautions. As this is the directive of our Kingdom Seneschal and the Crown we need to respect their wishes. While South Australia is currently showing low infection rates other areas are not so lucky and we need to show solidarity with our interstate cousins.

As our Council meeting was to take place tomorrow we have decided to postpone it till next Sunday. It has been recommended Discord be used as an alternative to meeting in person. For those who are unaware Discord is a communication platform used via the internet. Lochac has its own server that anyone in Lochac can use for communication. It is similar to Skype as a communication tool.

We will need to give people time to deal with Discord and the inevitable problems that will come with people accessing new technology. We will also need to make contingencies for those who unable to access Discord to be a part of these meetings.

Here is a couple of links to some information on Discord and how to set yourself up &

Please bear with us in this time as we try to make council and other meetings available to all who would like to be a part of them.

Tomorrow we will have a trial to see who can get on and who will need help. We will start the trial at 11.00am and will stay on till we can get most people connected and able to chat. Amos and Federyic has offered to help as many as they can with trouble shooting. Amos is a discord admin and Federyic is a frequent user.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail, messenger or phone. This also includes any technical issues in relation to Discord. I may not know the answer now but I will be able to find it. We also have other discord users in the Barony and if any of you would like to offer your services please say so.

Please stay safe and well during this time and we will try to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Yours in Service


Applications Open: Baronial Seneschal

Greetings unto the Populace of Innilgard!

I am nearing the end of my term as Seneschal. As such I will be formally opening applications for a successor. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch. Any application should cover your membership details, including membership number and expiry, and cover any relevant mundane OR SCA experience that you feel will assist you in the role.

The Baronial Seneschal serves to foster the group’s operation and development.  You work for the Kingdom Seneschal and with the Baron and Baroness to ensure that Barony is healthy and sustainable, meeting the goals of our organization, compliant in its reporting requirements and connected to the rest of the SCA. Basically, you help empower the group’s populace and officers to succeed!

There are a number of requirements of a Baronial Seneschal, any number of which can be delegated to willing volunteers.

A group Seneschal:

– Serves as the principal mundane legal representative of the SCA within your group (you are accountable for ensuring the group is compliant with Lochac and SCA policy)
– Receives reports from all group officers on the status of their office, supports them achieving their goals if they are facing challenges and works with the relevant Kingdom officer to find successors
– Makes such reports as may be required by the Crown – which, in Lochac, is every quarter
– Chairs the Baronial Council meetings
– Approves events with consultation from the Group and sets the Calendar of events.
– Works with the Reeve to approve purchases and expenses while ensuring documentation through Council.
– Ensures that the Group knows what is going on through regular communication with the Populace.
– Encourages and supports group events, projects and ideas
– Ensures that regular activities, such as Sunday training sessions, are run smoothly with required officers

In Innilgard there is also the expectation of the Seneschal stewarding Foundation day Picnic at the end of the year, every year.

You should be:

– Organised
– Very comfortable communicating in person and online (email, website, social media)
– Good negotiation/arbitration skills
– Able to see the “big picture”/think strategically
– Strong administrative skills
– Able to respond effectively to a wide range of situations and people
– Familiar with Lochac and Society laws and policies

Basic Requirements:

– Must be a member of the SCA.
– Must be at least 18 years old.
– While not required in law, must have access to a stable internet connection and email.
– Must be willing and able to perform the duties of the office.

If you are interested in this role, please email an application to: (Kingdom Seneschal) and (Baroness & Baron)

Applications will close Friday, 4th of August 2017 with changeover due to happen at La Prova Dura subject to confirmation and commentary.

In Service,

Lord Amos Ironbeard, Seneschal

New Events in Innilgard

Do you want to run an event in 2017, 2018 or beyond? Good news, you can and are strongly encouraged to do so!

First time Steward? First I would suggest fleshing out what you’d like to run, a tournament, a feast, a revel, something else. Speak to erxperienced members about how to make your vision a reality. Speak to your local Seneschal (hi!) on how to make it happen.

Experienced Steward? You probably already have a million ideas. Awesome! Simply put together a proposal using our new event form: and submit the advertisement and other details to the Online database ( before a council, where the details can be confirmed by appropriate officers.

We do have bare minimum planning times for events, but these should be taken as *last minute deadlines*, not *suggested* implementation. Your last minute cutoffs are 3 months notice for feasts/booked events/catered events and 1 month for tournaments. Exceptions will only be given under the most extreme of circumstances.

Confused? Excited? Want to run an event? The long and short of it – we have new forms, but feel free to speak to your local Seneschal for assistance and advice – and don’t leave things to the last minute.


New Website

Welcome to our new website! There are still pages to be created, but consider this Innilgards new home on the web. If you have content/photos/notices you would like posted to various sections please contact me.

-Amos, Webminister