The following details contain all the relevant COVID19 information in relation to the Barony of Innilgard and participation in events. This information has been put together by a number of Officers of the Barony to provide the populace with as many answers as possible. This is a fluid document and subject to change and updates as necessary.

Our return to activities relies on the fact that mundane law allows it (and it is allowed as of the time of this writing). However mundane law always supersedes any group policy. The latest COVID19 restrictions and information from the SA State Government can be found here.

The SA State Government has also issued health advice in how we can work to stop the spread of COVID19 – it is a highly recommended read for everyone. Additionally, we require COVID marshals to operate. There is free online training, anyone who is willing to assist is encouraged to take the training and email a copy of your completed certificate to the Seneschal at:

Sunday Training Preregistration link: Pre-registration is now no longer required – we can’t wait to see you there!

A message from the Seneschal:

As of the 5th of October, 2021

To the most patient Populace of Innilgard,

Please take the time to read through this page thoroughly; it will give you all the information needed to comply with all the COVID restrictions we need to follow.

1.       Due to Kingdom policy, we now have to have pre-registration to attend training. Please fill out the online pre-registration form. You will notice on the form there is a volunteer section – we need volunteers to do a range of activities including constable, cleaning team, and COVID Marshal. All these activities are our legal responsibility and we must comply or we risk a $5000 fine.

2.       While the weekly $2 contribution to the hall fees is preferred to be cashless, we are now accepting cash.

3.       We need to have minimal people using the hall to keep within COVID restrictions; please pay attention to how many people are inside and how many are allowed (this will be displayed on a sign). We are also unable to use the kitchen facilities at all; please make sure that you bring your own drinks, including water, etc. If you like to bring your own food you can continue to do so but be aware you will have no access to the refrigerator or the oven or microwave. Please do not share food, drink, utensils, or food containers.

4.       There will be a lot of information on the limits of people in indoor areas, social distancing, and handwashing displayed; please pay attention to the signs as this will also let you know about any changes. There will be copies of all relevant paperwork available so you are able to see SCA Kingdom and SA Government requirements. There will be hand sanitizer made available for use.

5.       If you are not well do not attend training or events. You can be asked to leave by COVID Marshals or the constable if they think that you might be unwell. We ask that people remember to be polite and courteous with each other we do not take asking people to leave lightly – we also do not take risks to others’ health lightly. We also ask that people who are choosing to wear masks are not made to feel uncomfortable or vilified. In this manner, we may all be considerate of the health of our fellow SCAdians.

6.       We have come up with COVID Safe rules in regards to training loaner gear: swords are able to be swapped between people during training but must be wiped over with cleaner between uses. You must bring your own gloves and masks. Helms can only be used by 1 person per training and must be cleaned appropriately between training. Please refer to the fighting manuals for additional CoVID guidance if needed.

Thank you for being so patient and remember to be kind and courteous to each other through this trying time as we try to find our way to the new normal.

Additional files:

Girl Guides Cleaning Instructions

Girl Guides Property Checklist

Lochac CoVID Plan