What does a Seneschal do?

A group Seneschal serves as the individual responsible for the Regional Group and their activities. In practice this equates to the roles of President and Secretary in other groups/organisations.

They are in charge of all the mundane (modern) issues of running the SCA, such as approval of the running of events and activities, ensuring populace numbers are sustained, and ensuring that the group/s they are in charge of are generally running effectively. They also handle a lot of the enquiries from the public.

Your Innilgard Seneschal

Sir Mari Alexander

Sir Mari Alexander has been a member of Innilgard since 2016 when she came to Lochac from the West Kingdom. She has been in the SCA since 1983 and has served as Queen of the West twice (once while Lochac was still a Principality), and Princess of the Principality of Cynagua once as consort and once as regent. She is a Laurel for costuming with a focus on 1500 German clothing and Byzantine garments. She is a Pelican primarily for serving the Western Marshalate. Preferred pronouns She/Her/ Sir.