Knight Marshal

What does a Knight Marshal do?

The Knight Marshal serves as the primary representative of the Earl Marshal, overseeing all martial activities within the group and ensuring that all relevant safety procedures are followed.

In our martial activities, Marshals of various specialties serve as safety officers, conducting inspections of equipment and controlling the field of combat to ensure participants and spectators are safe. They are not referees or judges.

In Innilgard, oversight of martial activities is split between the Knight Marshal, the Group Rapier Marshal and the Captain of Archers – with the Knight Marshal taking focus on armoured combat (Heavy).

You will generally consult with the Knight Marshal if you are an armoured combatant (or want to be) or if you have business with the Marshallete. You will also typically consult with the Knight Marshal if you wish to run an event involving armoured combat, or if you wish to become a Marshal yourself.