Baronial Officers

Officers in the Barony help coordinate and manage activities within the group to ensure that our activities and behind the scenes logistics are arranged so we have a hobby to enjoy.

Generally any current paying member over the age of 18 can serve as an Officer and vacancies are advertised from time to time via our Social media and mailing lists.

Officers also serve as first point of call for people with inquiries about their focus and as coordinators for volunteers. For example, the Baronial Constable is responsible for managing event sign-ins, however this task is managed by a team of Constables who serve across events, with the mentality that many hands make light work.

Officers coordinate the activities of the group at our Monthly Council meetings, usually every second weekend, but subject to change and are advertised via our Social Media and Mailing lists. Minutes are published via our Baronial Newsletter, the Innilgard Irregular which is open to subscription here.