Officer Vacancies

The Barony of Innilgard is run by a number of talented Officers – volunteers who generally serve a two-year term in their role. From time to time these positions are advertised for people to apply to take on the role. You can find any such vacancies here.

POSITION: Chirurgeon
APPLY TO: Innilgard Seneschal, Sorcha (
ABOUT: The Baronial Chirurgeon stores and maintains first aid supplies and arranges for them to be at events. They are also generally first-aid certificate holders and provide first aid at events if necessary. Baronial Chirurgeons will also report on any injuries and incidents to the Kingdom Chirurgeon to ensure accurate record keeping and to assist in developing policies to limit risk.

POSITION: Hospitaller
APPLY TO: Innilgard Seneschal, Sorcha ( and Kingdom Hospitaller, Mistress Anne de Tournai (
ABOUT: The Baronial Hospitaller is responsible for maintaining, storing and loaning Baronial
loaner gear such as garb and feasting kits.

APPLY TO: Innilgard Seneschal, Sorcha (
CLOSING DATE: 31 August 2019
ABOUT: The Lists Officer serves the Barony by arranging and coordinating list officers at
tournaments and martial events, arranging the field of battle and line ups and recording results to determine winners.

POSITION: Booking Office
APPLY TO: Innilgard Seneschal, Sorcha (
ABOUT: The Baronial Booking Officer, is one that helps to facilitate and create bookings for Event Stewards. You will need to have a decent knowledge of google doc forms and excel. Mistress Elena will help you to learn how the role works and there are many youtube videos that will assist with this. You will need to be able to work with Event Stewards, Reeve and Seneschal. You must have a decent internet connection and desktop computer or laptop to be successful in this role.

APPLY TO: Innilgard Seneschal, Sorcha ( & Innigard Reeve, Ulrich (
ABOUT: The Reeve serves the role of Treasurer – working closely with Officers of the Barony and Event Stewards to approve budgets, issues funds for purchases and expenses and provides oversight to ensure money is spent in a sensible fashion.
In Innilgard the Reeve also serves as the default booking officer for events due to the overlap.
Access to a computer and some knowledge of using basic programs. Minimum programs used are
– Facebook, Email, Google Sheets, Xero and Dropbox. All of these can be taught and are used only
at the basic level.
After a regular Training day (Sunday or A&S Monday) 10 minutes max.
During a large event (such as GSG) around 2 hours a week for up to 4 weeks (approx)
Reporting: Baronial level – 30 min per Month. Kingdom Level – 45 Min per quarter.

POSITION: Chronicler
APPLY TO: Innilgard Seneschal, Sorcha (
ABOUT: The Chronicler is an integral part of Innilgard being part news reporter, part historian, part editor and part social calendar. If you are looking for a challenge and have the use of a computer then this is the Office for you.

POSITION: Frette Rouge
APPLY TO: Innilgard Frette Rouge, Faelan mac Flainn
and Innilgard Seneschal, Sorcha (
ABOUT: If you would like to help people find their names, heraldry and badges etc then this is the role for you.