Sunday 3rd December

The triple Archery Championship competition for Innilgard, Blessed Herman and St Christina!

Times: Setup from 9 am, Opening Court 10 am, event closes ~ 5 pm.

Location: 45A Yeates Rd, Woodchester, SA.

Cost: $5, payment details to come.

Steward: Nest Brenhowel, contact:

Deputy Steward and Archery Marshal: Collette, FB Rebecca Tonkin or

Catering: BYO Picnic Lunch

To book and organise transport and for more information, please see the booking form:

What’s Happening?

The Barony of Innilgard and the Colleges of Blessed Herman and St Christina need to find their Archery Champions! An archery tournament will be held to find out which of our archers are best at target, roving and defensive archery.

• Either an IKAC (Inter Kingdom Archery Competition) or Royal Round target shoot, depending on numbers, starting at 11am.

• A picnic lunch at 1pm (RBG target game?)

• A roaming round of 12-24 targets 1.30 to 2.30.

• A novelty round of the Barony’s choosing, 2.45 to 4.00. This is likely to be a modified form of Agincourt run. Archers in this section must have taken part in either the Target or Roving sections.

• A group Agincourt run for as many as wish to take part (equipment permitting)

• Awarding of championship and closing court at 5pm

The championship will be decided based on points awarded for placings in each of the 3 parts of the tournament. The Baronial archer with the highest total points will be the Baronial Champion, the archers with the highest totals from each of the Colleges will be the College champions. Archers must nominate which championship(s) they are competing in. An archer may compete for only one College, but may compete for both the Barony and a College.

Note: if the 3rd December is over 35 degrees forecast for Strathalbyn, then the event will be postponed to next year. This will also be the case if the weather is rainy, or otherwise unsuitable.