Rapier Championships

In March 2003 Baron Dai and Baroness Alycie proclaim that:

The Champion was chosen based on fighting skill, courtesy – both on and off of the field, and appearance, and we held all of these points of equal importance when making the decision of who to choose as the First Baronial Rapier Champion for Innilgard.”

2017 AS51 February 12 Faelen mac Flainn

2016 AS50 February 14 Kit Hackforth

2015 AS49 March 8 Mark von Riga

2014 AS48 March 16 Felix Arnett von Danzig

2013 AS47 January 27 Haos Windchaser

2012 AS46 March 4 William Forester de Blacwode

2011 AS45 February 20 Aldwin Seguin

2010 AS44 March 21 Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye

2008 AS42 February 16 Aldwin Seguin

2007 AS41 February 11 Event did not happen as no rapier fighters turned up.

2006 AS40 February 19 Tostig atte Scelga. Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye was the winner.

2005 AS39 February 20 William Forester de Blacwode. Tostig atte Scelga was the winner.

2004 AS38 February 22 Fionghuine Mac Coinnich

2003 AS37 February 8 Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye. Marc de Montfault was the winner.