Hrafn Fyste Championships

The freehold called Hrafn Fyste (literally Raven Fist) held a number of championship heavy tournaments from 1996 to 1999.  The freehold was formed to give newcomers a home while they decided how they would assimilate into the barony.  The champion wore a blue and gold torse, carried an axe attached to a blue baldric.  The device of the freehold (unregistered) included a blue background with a gold raven displayed, voided and a gold axe below.

1996 AS31 July? 1996 – 1997 Brand Regenwald

1997 AS32 September 21 1997 – 1998 Aylwin Greymane

1998 AS33 December 20 1998 – 1999 Diego Alvarez

1999 AS34 November 14 1999 – 2000 No reports of the event happening in the Irregular.