Job Vacancies

The Barony of Innilgard is run by a number of talented Officers – volunteers who generally serve a two year term in their role. From time to time these positions are advertised for people to apply to take on the role. You can find any such vacancies here.

POSITION: Captain of Archers
APPLY TO: Innilgard Seneschal, Mistress Anna ( and outgoing Captain of Archers (
CLOSING DATE: 22nd April
ABOUT: The Captain of Archers is responsible for coordinating and promoting Archery activities in the Barony, particularly the Marshal (safety) aspects. For further information about the role please speak to our outgoing Captain of Archers, Lord Faelan mac Flainn (

POSITION: Hospitaller
APPLY TO: Innilgard Seneschal, Mistress Anna ( and Kingdom Hospitaller, Mistress Anne de Tournai (
ABOUT: The Baronial Hospitaller is responsible for maintaining, storing and loaning Baronial loaner gear such as garb and feasting kits. Traditionally it is merged with Chatelaine (also under advertisement), if anyone is interested in both positions they are advised to speak to the outgoing Hospitaller (, Chatelaine ( and the Baronial Seneschal (