A&S Competitions

Unless otherwise noted A&S Competitions focus on articles/inspiration from pre-1600 CE. Entrants must submit competition paperwork with each entry and documentation is highly desirable.

Competitions are a great way to get feedback on your work and focus your research. If you feel inspired to enter a competition, the following competitions are coming up soon:

(Innilgard) Shakespearean Revel 24 June 2017
Competitions: Duels of wit and banter. Your choice of weapons: insults or compliments!

 (Persons choosing compliments are requested to keep it to 4 lines or less per compliment.)

(Kingdom) Midwinter Coronation July 2017
• For a Garden
• Carved
• From the 14th century C.E.

• Embroiderer’s Guild – Metalwork

(Innilgard) Chess Tournament 13 August 2017
* Something bought back from the Crusades

* Item with a chess theme

(Innilgard) Eclipse Heraldic Tourney 27 August 2017 (Date TBC)
• Something that floats on water

• A new heraldic item

(Kingdom) November Crown Tourney November 2017 
• Armour
• Moulded
• From Norse & Baltic cultures (8th to 11th Century C.E.)

• Embroiderer’s Guild – Period sewing kit

(Innilgard) Wayward Herald Tavern Feast November 2017 (date to be confirmed)
• A period game or game pieces
• A period-style drinking or gaming song

• A filk- style drinking or gaming song

WCoB (Worshipful Company of Broderers) run separate Guild-based competitions focusing on embroidery techniques. More details can be found here: http://broiderers.lochac.sca.org/

Please contact the Baronial Arts & Sciences Officer if you have any queries regarding A&S Competitions. Links to competition paperwork will go up shortly, and information sessions on judging and entering A&S competitions will be run soon.