Primus Agmen

Founded: April 18 1998 AS32 – Rowany Recovery Heraldic Tourney & Feast, Wrectory, Woodville Gardens. Baron Osgot and Baroness Esla create the Innilgard Primus Agmen.

About: “An empty hall becomes a feasting hall by virtue of much time spent collecting, transporting and installing the furnishings fit for the pleasures of gentle and noble company.

Likewise, the transformation of an open field into a complete encampment, within the Barony or far away, requires prodigious efforts and great commitment.

The vanguard of the group, those primus agmen, bring to the open field and the empty hall those things that create a little piece of Innilgard, where ever it may be.

Unseen, without fuss, they remove it once the revelry has ended.

Great efforts in these labours are a special service to the Barony, and richly deserve recognition.”

Founding members:

Michael of Innilgard, Daffyd Llewlyn, Giovannino di Vidor, Robert of Strathconan, Douglas Hathaway