OCT 25 – Innilgard Post Pestilence Foundation Picnic

Innilgard Post Pestilence Foundation Picnic

Sunday October 25th 2020 AS LV

Mellor Reserve, Brand St Beulah Park

Time: Noon till 5pm

Come one, come all, and celebrate Innilgard getting back together after the pestilence. Bring your picnic lunch, drinks, table and chairs, cushions, rugs, games, etc, and settle down beneath the shade of the trees for a relaxing afternoon. There will be a table set up on which you may show off the projects you have worked upon during the Pestilence. Partly finished projects are welcome. We expect to see many wonderous things.

This is a garbed event, the anniversary of the very first event in Innilgard in AS XVII (1982), lo, these 38 years ago, before many of you young whippersnappers were even born! In a break with tradition, there will be a short Baronial Court mid-afternoon, to catch up with some of the business delayed by the lockdown from the pestilence.

Food sharing outside household groups is not permitted, to comply with the SA Ltd Covid-19 Response Plan requirements. All local government rules appertaining to the pestilence will be followed. Participants are reminded that if they are unwell or showing cold or flu-like symptoms, they must not attend. The Guide Hall will be open for the toilets.

Price: $0 for members. Non-member insurance charge of $10.00. This must be prepaid by 22nd October, please, so that it clears the bank. No payment can be collected at the event.

Pre-registration is required via the Foundation Picnic Pre-registration form on the Innilgard website, or this link: https://forms.gle/46JXUXNnXyJh3moc7

Bookings Close: 25th October 2020

Steward: Bryony Beehyrd – who was at the first Foundation Picnic!

Further Information: Brenda Bartel, 0488 752 086 or bkbartel@gmail.com