Pre-Registration and Cashless Payment for Sunday Training

Pre-Registration and Cashless Payment for Sunday Training

In accordance with the SA Government rules for resuming face-to-face community activities, and the SCAA Ltd COVID 19 response plan, the Barony of Innilgard is implementing a contactless system for hall payments, sign-in and pre-registration at Sunday Trainings.

To attend Sunday Training at Mellor Reserve, Beulah Park, you will need to do a number of things:

  1. Prepay some hall fees through internet banking
  2. Pre-Register through our online form
  3. Attend Sunday training and present yourself to the Constable with your membership card ready.

By doing all of these you will help us achieve a number of requirements for getting back to training:

  • We cannot accept cash payments
  • We must pre-register for all in-person activities
  • We must keep a record of all attendance for contact tracing
  • We need to minimise contact between us as much as possible, and maintain safe physical distancing.

Prepaying for Sunday Training

Sunday training has a $2 per member per day fee, and non-members are charged for insurance on top of this. Prepaying is done through internet banking only.

NOTE: We are unable to accept card payments at this time.

How to prepay:

  1. Go to your bank’s internet banking website on your computer or open their phone app on your phone.
  2. Transfer an amount of money into the Innilgard operational bank account:

BSB: 036-019

Number: 233917

Name: SCA Innilgard

  1. You need to use the Note or Transaction Description to tell us what the money is for:
    1. The description must start with ST for Sunday training. If you’re just paying for you, that’s it. Just ST.
    2. If your payment is for multiple people, then put the amount allocated to each additional person. Not you, but the other people your account is paying for:
      1. Eg for a $20 payment split equally between John and Martha Smith (from Martha’s bank account): ST Smith J10
      2. Or for the same size payment from John’s account: ST Smith M10 (we already know the name of the account holder from the transaction!)
    3. If your bank doesn’t let you put enough information in, then create your own email as per point 4 below.
  2. Use your bank’s facility to email a receipt to If your bank does NOT give this facility (it’s usually in the payment confirmation) send an email yourself to the receipts address with the following information:
  • The name of the account being paid from
  • The transaction receipt number (created by your bank)
  • Who is being paid for, and how much for each person.
  1. Don’t forget to pre-register for the day you intend to attend.

How to Pre-Register:

  1. Go to the form on your favourite browser (on your computer or phone)

  1. Fill out your email address and acknowledge that you will abide by the Innilgard COVID-Safe plan and the SCAA Ltd COVID-19 Response Plan. If you’re unfamiliar with those plans follow the links to them.
  2. On the second page fill out the details of the person attending. If you’re filling out this form for you, put your details in here. If you’re registering a friend or a dependent minor, put their details there. You must put accurate information for contact tracing purposes.
  3. Put in the date you’re attending. Be accurate. Put in the date for the Sunday you’re attending in DD/MM/YYYY format.
  4. Put down the intended activities (you can choose more than one) and membership status of the person being registered.
  5. If you are a member, confirm that you have pre-paid on the next page. If you are registering for a non-member, you will need to check each clause of the indemnity and confirm pre-payment.
  6. Submit another form to pre-register other attendees.


  • A preregistration needs to be done for each and every person planning to attend.
  • There is no due date by which you have to pre-register. You can preregister on the day BUT training may be cancelled the day before.
  • If you pre-register but don’t attend, your pre-payment is automatically carried over to the next time you attend.

What do I do when I show up:

  1. Maintain social distancing at all times.
  2. Head directly to the constabulary table to register your attendance. Have your membership card ready if you’re a member. Wait for the constable to verify you are registered.
  3. Have fun, welcome back, we missed you.