Where is it?

Training is held most Sundays at Beulah Park Girl Guide Hall from 1200. Other events are posted on this site in the Events tab.

What does it cost?

Any regular training Sunday costs $10 for adult non members ($5 minors) so that they are insured. Membership costs $45 per year so if you attend more than 5 events a year you’ll be saving money. We also ask that everyone makes a gold coin donation towards hall hire.

What time period do you use?

Pre-17th Century Europe, or any culture/group that had contact with Europe at in that timeframe.

Can I bring my children?

Yes you can. We encourage families to attend, however you (or an authorized guardian) must be present with your child(ren) at all times. Children can be added to their parents membership for insurance purposes and may be included in any of the Arts and Sciences. Children 14 years and over may become Plumed Combatants (non-combat Banner holders, drummers, etc). Children 16 years and over may join in with the Unarmored training and members 18 years and over may join the Armored training.

There are a number of Children and Youth activities starting within the Barony aimed at providing something for every age group.

What do I need to bring?

If you are coming to a training you just need to bring yourself and $5 if you are a non-member. We have free loaner gear if you want to train in Armored Combat (Heavy) or Unarmored Combat (Rapier) and we generally have a number of people on hand to discuss Arts & Sciences and resources such as sewing machines can be brought via prior arrangement.

Do I have to fight?

Absolutely not. We have many and varied Arts and Sciences interests including Brewing, Costuming, Cooking, Embroidery and Scribal/Calligraphy just to name a few. We have many people that will be happy to help you in whatever field you wish to try.

Do you have Archery?

Yes. We have both combat and target archery. Our Archers meet irregularly so keep an eye on our events page.

What is a ‘Garbed Event’?

A garbed event is commonly a Tournament or Feast where everyone is expected to wear medieval clothing of some description. Don’t worry if you’ve got nothing to wear, our Hospitaller has appropriate garb to lend you. We prefer a weeks notice to make sure we have garb in your size available.

Do I have to book?

Bookings are required for some of our events. Please check the individual event listing and determine if a booking is required. Our regular meetings never require booking.

What do I need to bring to a feast?

When you come to a feast, you will will need a plate, bowl, knife, fork, spoon and cup as a minimum. Wood, metal or ceramic items are generally encouraged and are acceptable providing they don’t look obviously modern. We have a number of loaner kits that the Hospitaller can provide. Again we ask for at least a weeks notice.

What do I need to bring to a Tournament?

Tournaments are garbed events, so please bring or arrange clothing. Generally you will find the need to bring a chair or blanket to sit on, and depending on the event, bringing water & food/snacks for yourself is generally recommended.

Only authorized fighters may fight in Tournaments, however anyone interested in learning our martial combats are encouraged to attend tournaments, not only to enjoy the day, but to learn via observation.