Covid Update!

Greetings Innilgard, Due to the current COVID cluster, the SA Government has instigated a partial lockdown starting today (17/11/20) and, at this time, lasting for 14 days. What this means for us is Sunday Training/A&S is cancelled for the 22nd and 29th of November. At this point these are the only dates cancelled, as per the current state regulations. Also, any other gatherings that fall under the SCA insurance are also cancelled during this lockdown. The B&B, Sir Mari, and I will be discussing this matter and will keep you all informed of what is happening as we either, make our own decisions, or the government updates their advice. Below is a link to the current restrictions by the SA Government as of 22/11/20

This is the clause that pertains to us: There are also restrictions on certain types of activity. These activities may not go ahead: indoor or outdoor community sports fixtures and trainings (this does not include elite, professional or intra-school sports)
In service, Aeschine of Arran Seneschal, Innilgard