From Your Baron and Baroness,

From Your Baron and Baroness,

Greetings and Salutations.

We bring the great news that Innilgard is finally able to start up face to face activities once more.

      The first live Sunday Training is to be 6th September 2020!

We shall be starting up carefully, and slowly, to make sure that the new systems are properly in place, and work satisfactorily.

Behind the scenes, many of the officers of the Barony have worked hard to complete the preparation we needed. Our Seneschal, Lady Sorcha le Breton, has worked with the SA Govt and our Covid-Safe Plan is approved. She has negotiated the terms for our continued use of the Girl Guides Hall with its management, and she has liaised with the Kingdom for the ongoing requirements for events and insurance to cover our game. Master Gregory Tortouse de Sloleye has produced an incredibly sophisticated Preregistration Form and database, to handle the booking and prepaying needed for any event or activity these days, and will be training the constables in its use. Our Chirurgeon, Baroness Aeschine of Arran has organised all our cleaning supplies and regimen, and produced the signs to remind us of the rules we need to follow. Our Webminister, Lord Amos Ironbeard, is updating the Innilgard website with all this new information, and sending the links widely throughout Innilgard, so all our people may hear the news. Master Yevan de Leeds has offered to coordinate the Covid-Marshal roster, a recent requirement of SA Govt. Many people have taken the time to attend our discord meetings, and given input into these reopening plans, making them more robust and user friendly.

Innilgard is blest to have such devoted officers working so successfully for the good of us all. We are very proud of them.

Other activities are being planned, but not yet finalised. Arts and Sciences Evenings may be possible later in the year. Beefacres Hall is still booked for November, and we are hoping to use it. Since it is a different venue, it will require another Covid-Safe plan to be approved by SA Govt. There is a thought that our first in-garb event could be the annual Foundation Picnic in late October, to be held in Mellor Reserve. After this hiatus in activity, to start again with the Foundation Picnic seems rather appropriate.

While modern technology is an undoubted blessing in these isolated times, we are so looking forward to occupying the same physical space (at 1.5m distance!) with any who can manage it.

Yours in Service

Haos and Bryony