Feasting in a Time of Pestilence

Feasting in a Time of Pestilence

Greetings all

The Barony of Innilgard is running an online Arts and Sciences Competition! Due to the general difficulties of supply and the availability of resources during the current pestilence a cooking competition would be practical, fun and an enjoyable way to learn something about period life.

I would like to keep the topic as broad as possible. So almost any period recipe goes i.e. anything from Rome to 1600 (approximately). You will however have to do more documentation than usual due to the online nature of the competition. So lots of photos of your work as you go and perhaps even a video for us to see you doing it. And of course detailed pictures of the final product and perhaps some images or videos of it being eaten. (Some relevant quotes from those who tried it would be useful.)

You will still need the standard details you find on the Baronial A&S competition forms. (https://innilgard.lochac.sca.org/resources_forms/) These can be emailed to me, along with the images and videos. Make it clear who you are so your wonderful work doesn’t get confused with others. I will get them judged anonymously (where possible) by judges online. If you want to put progress reports up on the Innilgard Facebook page that might encourage others to have a go.

I was thinking a month gives us plenty of time for research and tasting! How about a closing date of the last day of May.

There are numerous resources for medieval recipes online so no excuse to avoid providing period sources for your creation.

So get your entries to me by midnight on May 30.

This competition is a local one for the Barony of Innilgard and College of Blessed Herman residents only. Send your entries to artsandsciences@innilgard.lochac.sca.org

Have fun

Master William Blackwood

Innilgard A&S Officer