New Events in Innilgard

Do you want to run an event in 2017, 2018 or beyond? Good news, you can and are strongly encouraged to do so!

First time Steward? First I would suggest fleshing out what you’d like to run, a tournament, a feast, a revel, something else. Speak to erxperienced members about how to make your vision a reality. Speak to your local Seneschal (hi!) on how to make it happen.

Experienced Steward? You probably already have a million ideas. Awesome! Simply put together a proposal using our new event form: and submit the advertisement and other details to the Online database ( before a council, where the details can be confirmed by appropriate officers.

We do have bare minimum planning times for events, but these should be taken as *last minute deadlines*, not *suggested* implementation. Your last minute cutoffs are 3 months notice for feasts/booked events/catered events and 1 month for tournaments. Exceptions will only be given under the most extreme of circumstances.

Confused? Excited? Want to run an event? The long and short of it – we have new forms, but feel free to speak to your local Seneschal for assistance and advice – and don’t leave things to the last minute.