29 – 30 JUNE – Innilgard Baronial Changeover

Date: 29 to 30th June

Saturday Tournament: 9am Setup, 10:30am Open, 3:30pm Packdown
Saturday Feast: 6pm Doors Open with platters on table, 11pm Lights on Packdown
Sunday Tournament: 10am Setup, 10:30 Open, 3pm Closing Court

A full event timetable of all locations and schedules is being prepared and will be released once it is finalized.

Saturday Tournaments TBC
Saturday Feast: Payneham RSL 360 Payneham Rd Payneham
Sunday Tournaments: Mellor Reserve, Brand St, Beulah Park

Sat & Sun Tourney Free
Sat Feast:
Adult Full $32.00
Teen Full $28.00
Child Full $25.00
Adult Off Board $17.00
Teen Off Board $13.00
Child Off Board $10.00
Non Members add $5 to all prices.

Site Notes: The RSL Site for the feast has given us exceptionally good rates. As part of our agreement, rather than us BYOing all our drinks as usual, they will be running their bar for us, at RSL prices. BYO wine is available at $5 corkage. Brewers guild samples are permitted to be brought and tasted at no charge. We ask that all other alcohol is purchased through the bar (Cash and Card accepted).

Bookings Contact: Elena le Breustere innilgardbookings@gmail.com
Bookings Close: 21 June 2019
Steward: Ulrich of Innilgard
Steward Contact: ulrich01@adam.com.au
In the presence of their Majesties King Felix and Queen Eva, their Excellencies Aeschine and Cullan will be handing over the reigns of the Barony of Innilgard to Master Haos Windchaser and Mistress Bryony Beehyrd.
We invite good gentles all to join us as we Celebrate this Changeover with all the Tournaments, Pomp and Ceremony that we can muster.
Saturday Tourneys for Heavy and Rapier will culminate in feasting and celebrations. Sunday will have further tournaments and courtly ceremonies!