8 SEPT to 10 SEPT 2017 – La Prova Dura di Lochac 4

8 September to 10 September 2017 – La Prova Dura di Lochac 4

Steward: Sir Eva von Danzig & Lady Sorcha le Breton
Contact: laprovadura@gmail.com

Location: Glenhaven Park
Ayliffes Bridge Road, Stockport SA 5410

Bookings Close: Friday, August 25th 2017
Bookings: https://goo.gl/forms/rfZrxUiWfelr7xKu1

Website: https://laprovadura.wordpress.com/

Prices before 8/8/17
(Note: All Full Event booking options include dormitory accommodation)

Full Event Member: $110.00
Full Event College Member: $100.00
Full Event Child Member (5-16 years): $80.00
Full Event Non Member: $120.00
Full Event Non Member child (5-16 years): $90.00
Children under 5: Free
Family Rate by Negotiation

Day rate with lunch & feast (Sat.)
Member: $45.00
College Member: $30.00
Member child (5-16 years): $40.00
Non Member adult: $55.00
Non Member child (5-16 years): $40.00
Children under 5: Free
Family Rate by Negotiation


Come test your virtues and enter La Prova Dura! This high-pageantry crucible tournament is a true trial of a combatant’s endurance, prowess and chivalry. The Barony of Innilgard (Adelaide, SA) invites you to witness and contest this fourth La Prova Dura held in the Kingdom of Lochac!

La Prova Dura, the Proof of Endurance tournament, is a multi-field round robin, culminating in a round robin final between the top ranked combatants from each field. The first held in 2010 sported 29 combatants who contested the endurance tournament which lasted 6.5 hours! The competition is fierce, the combat is beautiful and the achievement of completing this tournament is a sensation that each entrant treasures.

Sunday features La Prova di Amore (Proof of Love), where the most virtuous combatants from the previous day are hand selected by the ladies of the gallery to compete in celebration of the love they bear their consort. For the fencers, the Valhalla Rapier tournament shall once again be held to test the might of Lochac’s fencers! Come join us, challenge yourself and witness the incomparable spectacle!