26 MAY 2019 – Lambapalooza II

Date:              Sunday, 26 May 2019
Time:             09:00-16:00
Location:       Girl Guide Hall Brand St Beulah Park
Cost: Members – $0 / Non Members – $5

After the pachyderm takeover during Lambapalooza 1, the sheep have turned their evil mind control away from the Royals and are focusing their powers on their bovine brethren. Their nefarious plan is to use the stampeding beasts as cannon fodder to re-take the rich sheep stealing pastures they have so dearly enjoyed but complacency has taken from them.

This will be an Armored and Non Armored sheep stealing Tournament with A&S comps galore.


Fighter Program:
9:00 – Site opens for set up.
10:30 – Event opens
10:45 – Opening court – Announcements.
11:15 – Lists open for Heavy tournament – equipment inspections
11:45 – Heavy tournament begins
12:30 – Heavy tournament finishes
13:00 – Lists open for Rapier tournament – equipment inspections
13:30 – Rapier tournament begins
14:15 – Rapier tournament finishes.
15:30 – Closing court
16:30 – Site closes – pack up.

A&S Program:
9:00 – Site opens for set up.
10:30 – Event opens.
10:45 – Opening court – Announcements.
11:30 – Entries close for A&S – Judging commences.
15:00 – All competition results to be compiled and given to Herald for an announcement at closing court.
15:30 – Closing court
16:30 – Site closes – pack up.

Arts & Sciences Competitions and Activities:

Gobbled Frette Competition.

In honour of the theme of the event, something either Lamb or Beef themed would be appropriate. For those not wishing to use animal products, any foodstuff or subtlety suggestive of Cows or Sheep would also be appropriate. Don’t forget you will need your Arts and Science competition entry forms (see the Innilgard web site) describing your entry and its period source.
Have fun cooking,
Master William Blackwood
(Current holder of the Gobbled Frette)

A&S – Competitions to be held in the manner described below and will be judged in accordance with the Baronial Arts and Sciences Championship standards.

Brewers, Vintners, and Imbibers – Cider(s).
Broiders – Embroidery in a period style with a cows/calves/bulls theme
Cooks – Any period Beef dish(es).
College of Scribes – Period style cow/calves/bulls illumination.
Entertainers Guild – Song or Poem about / containing cows/calves/bulls
Fibre Guild – A textile or weaving with a cow theme
Painters and Limners Guild – A period style painting including cows/calves/bulls
Tailors, Haberdashers, and Mercers – Garment or Accessory with a cow theme
The Moo-ey Folly – This is a non-guild (non-period) category for cow/calf/bull related item(s) to be judged by the Baroness and Baron.

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