25 NOV – Wayward Herald Tavern Feast

25 NOV – Wayward Herald Tavern Feast

Where: Happy Valley Scout Hall, Candy Road, O’Halloran Hill SA
Time: 5pm setup, 6pm Event open, Event close Midnight
Adult Member $25
Adult Non Member $30
Youth Member (12-17) $20
Youth Non Member (12-17) $25
Child Member (5-12) $15
Child Non Member (5-12) $20
Child under 5 Free ($5 non-member fee still applies)
Bookings: innilgardbookings@gmail.com
Bookings close 18th November
Steward: Lady Nicolette de Coulours
Contact: children@innilgard.lochac.sca.org

Calling all rouges, wenches, rascals, gamblers, minstrels, pirates and any lords
and ladies willing to fraternise with such. The Wayward Herald Tavern Feast
returns with a night of frivolity, fun and food.

The evening will commence with a server auction. Purchase a server for night
to get preferential treatment from the kitchen or have your dishes cleaned. Or offer yourself up on the block for the chance to earn extra coin.

There will be many opportunities to risk your coin on, be they games of chance or
testing your physical skills against each other.

Minstrels and Bards are welcome to entertain and busk for more coin.

Games will include dice, cards, board, hobby horse, stilt races, toga hunk (sitting tug of war), skittles and more.

Upon entrance, you will collect a bag of coin, this will be used to purchase food at the
tavern, bid in the server auction and to play games and activities. More coin can be
purchased during the evening, especially if you are at risk of losing your clothes.

Those wishing to be servers can approach Lady Nicolette prior the event to bargain for cheaper entry fees.

Arts and Science competitions are: A period game or game board with a separate category for children; A period drinking or gaming song; A filk in a period style about drinking or gaming.

The hall will be open from 5pm to set up, with the evening to commence from 6pm. The event will close at 12pm.

Candles must have something underneath to catch wax.

(the Scouts have allowed use of the hall over night for those who feel that they will consume too much liquor or are too far to travel at such a late time, no bedding will be supplied, exit must be by 8am).