21 MAY 2017 – Lambapalooza

21 MAY 2017 – Lambapalooza

Steward: Ulrich of Innilgard (pots01@adam.com.au)

Location:  Girl Guide Hall, Brand St, Beulah Park.

Time: 9.30 am Setup, 10.30am Event Start

Pricing: $0 Members $5 Non-Member insurance fee

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About: Are you baad to the bone? Are you ready to fleece your opponents and ram their defenses? Can you whether whatever is thrown at you, and take down those who’d hogget the ball? Do you feel the need, the need for sheep? Ewe know what you want, you want to flock out at Lambapalooza!

Yes, sheepstealing is back, and it’s two martial styles for the price of one! Choose whether to steal your sheep as a heavy or a rapier combatant, or refuse to choose and do both.

As well as fun on the field of purloining, this time we are encouraging everyone to get wild and woolly, where picnickers and local Guild members are invited to have some fun and display their skills with a lamb or sheep style theme. Take part in the A&S competitions, or just let your creativity run wild and show how talented – or sheepish – you can be. Traveling fighters are welcome to attend if they’re in the vicinity, and A&S participants are welcome to attend or send in entries from afar. Bookings are not required, and nonmembers will need to pay the $5 fee for insurance.

A&S Competitions are:

Brewers, Vintners and Imbibers – Cider(s).
Broiders – Embroidery in a period style with a lamb/sheep theme
College of Scribes – Period style sheep / lamb illumination.
Cooks – Any period Lamb dish(es).
Entertainers Guild – Song or Poem about / containing sheep / lambs.
Fibre Guild – A woolen textile or weaving.
Painters and Limners Guild – A period style painting including sheep / lamb(s)
Royal Guild of Defence – Prizes played between 12:30 and 13:30.
Tailors, Haberdashers and Mercers – Woolen Garment or Accessory.

The Woolly Folly – This is a non guild (non period) category for lamb related item(s) to be judged by the Baroness and Baron.