13 AUGUST – A Game of Chess

13 AUGUST – A Game of Chess

Steward: Lord Faelan mac Flainn
Contact: erevedhel@hotmail.com

Location: Harry Bowey Reserve, Riverdale Drive, Salisbury, SA

$5 Non-member fee


A Game of Chess
Rapier and Heavy Tournament

Noble populace, come witness a battle of wits and of swords, or try your own prowess on the field. There shall be held on the 13th day of August, AS LII, a Chess Tournament, wherein shall be played a game of Chess with the combatants of the Barony, each capture to be decided by a bout of arms.
Detailed rules to appear on the Innilgard website.

Times: Set up 9.30am, Heavy Lists open 10.30am for an 11am start.
Rapier to follow promptly after the capture of the heavy King.

The Rules of the Tourney:

1. The two chess-players will play a game of chess, with a time limit on turns.
2. When a piece takes another piece, a fencing bout will instead be fought between two fencers representing the two pieces. The fencers’ weapons will be determined by which piece each fencer represents, as noted below. The surviving piece remains and the loser is removed.
3. There is no check-mate. The King may be moved into, or remain in, check, and may be taken like any other piece.
4. There is no stalemate. If repeated check occurs, the King must fight out the bout with one opposing piece.
5. At the discretion of the Steward, if there are few enough pieces left and time is running late, there will be a melee of all remaining pieces to decide the game.

Weapons Combinations




Single sword


Sword & dagger, or lance (pike/glaive)


Sword & cane or Cruciform


Sword & shield (buckler or rotella)


Case of swords


King’s Choice

The fencers will be organised into two teams on the day, and will fight each other in a set order. Fighters should be armoured and ready for the next chess capture, then pick up the appropriate weapons.

Arts and Sciences:

The following competitions will be held:
An item with a Chess theme
Something brought back from the Crusades