The Honourable Lady Sorcha le Breton & Lord Federyc de Herle

Our vision for The Barony of Innilgard should we be successful in our nomination:

The Barony of Innilgard has a proud tradition of pulling together to create magic, it is our wish to maintain this by continuing to foster and develop the populaces individual and group journeys within the Barony and within the Kingdom. We wish to continue nurturing the artisans and crafts people of the Barony by facilitating workshops and inviting those with knowledge to visit our fair shores to share that knowledge.

Innilgard is known for hosting large events that are renowned throughout the kingdom of Lochac and beyond. We will keep encouraging this but also look to make sure that our populace does not become overburdened or burnt out.

Within the fighting arts we would also like to continue fostering individual’s prowess and the prowess of our collective fighting units by encouraging our champions and those that teach the martial arts to give freely of this knowledge and work to ensure Innilgard’s fighting renown continues. Part of achieving this goal would be to invite those with different fighting styles and experience to share their knowledge.

We would also like to maintain and expand the inclusive atmosphere the Barony already has by looking at new things that could be integrated within the Barony such as ideas to help those of our populace with disabilities, both visible & unseen. Within this inclusive atmosphere we would also like to expand our welcome to those of diverse cultures and backgrounds and those who wish to explore diverse cultures within the SCA’s bounds in a sensitive and non-threatening manner.

Regarding the growth of the Barony, Innilgard will continue to promote itself through various public demonstrations and open days and we will be a part of this as much as possible. We will continue to support the College of Blessed Herman as they are a productive and valuable addition to the Barony.

Lastly, we would like to expand the pageantry and spectacle appropriate of the 2nd Barony created in Lochac by organizing workshops & projects to visually promote the Barony.

We are devoted to the Barony and we recognize that we cannot achieve these goals alone but will rely heavily on the assistance, support and advice of the populace of the renowned Barony of Innilgard

We hope that this nomination finds you all in good health & spirits and would simply wish that you consider us as candidates for Innilgard’s Baronial Succession. We will be available if you would like to discuss our nomination.

The Honorable Lady Sorcha le Breton’s history within the great Kingdom of Lochac

  • I have been a member of the SCA for over 5 years and I have also been a part of the re-enactment community for over 20 years working to foster a community spirit within the medieval re-enactment groups of South Australia.
  • I have received Golden Tear & Sliver Pegasus awards
  • I have co stewarded & stewarded events within Innilgard
  • I have served as Chatelaine & Chronicler & have been asked to be a member of the Royal Household.

Lord Federyc de Herle’s history within the great Kingdom of Lochac

  • I have been a member of the SCA for over 3 years and have devoted myself to furthering the scribal arts both within the Barony & also within Lochac.
  • I have received Golden Tear & Golden Poyntel awards
  • I have taught classes for both Calligraphy & Illumination.