Master William Blackwood and Lord Faelan mac Flainn

Master William Blackwood and Lord Faelan mac Flainn

At this time Master William and Lord Faelan wish to nominate for the role of Barons of Innilgard.

Master William has been part of the Innilgard community for over 21 years and has actively contributed in many capacities continuously over this period. Master William has been Seneschal, Baronial Herald (twice), founding Baronial Web Minister, Chronicler, and Archery Captain (twice) . Master William has been the Steward for a number of large successful local events and on the committee for several Kingdom events held in Innilgard over this time. Master William has held the role of Herald within the College of Heralds and has frequently been involved in book, field and court heraldry.  He has taken an interest in supporting others who have developed an interest in Heraldry providing encouragement and teaching where required.

Master William obtained an authorization in Heavy Combat but only continued with this for a few years switching to an enthusiastic interest in Rapier. He has retained his authorization as a Heavy Marshal to assist the running of Heavy Tournaments. Master William has been authorized in Rapier for 17 years and currently holds the rank of Guildmaster in the Lochac Royal Guild of Defence, and holds all the authorizations available in Rapier. He has been the Baronial Rapier Champion twice in the past, and also Baronial Archery Champion twice. Master William is a member of the Baronial Courtiers. He has been an active combat archer in the past and was a founding member of the Baronial Huscarl Archers (now closed). He was awarded the honour of receiving inclusion in the Order of the Laurel for his writing on historical fencing, more specifically a text on the interpretation and use of the Royal Armouries Manuscript I.33 fencing style (which dates from the early 14th century). Master William’s book has been selling well and has received acknowledgement amongst the HEMA communities as well as the SCA generally (with some reportedly considering it the best work on the subject).

Master William holds a number of other awards including a Court Barony and Silver Pegasus and many of the Baronial awards. While not currently active in the College of the Blessed Herman, Master William has been an enthusiastic supporter of the College and has in the past taken on membership briefly when the College needed further support. During this period Master William became the College Rapier Champion.

Lord Faelan has also had involvement in many areas of the SCA over the past 10 years of membership. In terms of offices held, he has been Constable, Arts and Sciences Minister, Captain of Archers and Frette Rouge Herald, and served as Champion of Rapier, of Arts and Sciences (twice), and most recently Archery. With regards to combat, he has been fencing since he began in the Society. He was awarded a Courtier of Innilgard, and a member of Your Majesties’ Royal Guild of Defence at the rank of Journeyman. While not a heavy fighter, he has taken to the warfield as a combat archer, and is eager to encourage Heavy combat and war and target archery within the Barony. In the Arts and Sciences, as well as the aforementioned term as Minister for Arts and Sciences, he has been involved in teaching, coordinating classes, and a number of Baronial projects. He is also an active member of the Lochac Guild of Scribes.

In Heraldry, Lord Faelan is the current Frette Rouge, and has acted as Court Herald, at times, to the past three Baronial couples. He has experienced running court many times, both as a herald and member (as Champion and effective Lord in Waiting) of various Baronial households. He is familiar with the Baronial (and Kingdom) award systems and eager to encourage Heraldic display in the Barony.

In our years of service and enjoyment in Innilgard we are pleased to observe that we have found the culture and interest expressed by the Innilgard community to be enormously welcoming, friendly and the folk of this Barony always full of enthusiastic plans, innovations and inventions. Truly contentions have been few and generally minor. I feel a number of previous Barons and Baroness have contributed to supporting this stability, friendliness and enjoyment by being welcoming and supportive of the enthusiasms of Baronial members. The rare contentions appear to have arisen when leadership has been somewhat unsubtle and forceful and has not taken full account of the desire of those active in Baronial offices. Fortunately such events have been rare in the Barony. As a result while we might suggest minor alterations in Baronial practise, I feel Lochac Royalty would find us non-contentious representatives of their Majesties in our much loved Innilgard.  Our aim would be rather to support and encourage the enthusiasms of our Baronial members and encourage many new players to discover the great satisfaction, learning and enjoyment that would come with membership of the Barony of Innilgard.

Lord Faelan and Master William have known each other for some years and both enjoy an academic and practical interest in History, Rapier, Heraldry and many of the other activities the SCA has to offer. We have worked together on a variety of activities in the past and present and have enjoyed these without any personal conflict. Lord Faelan is currently Master William’s apprentice. We have little doubt we could work together effectively. Our joint interest in Heraldry generally, and involvement in Court Heraldry, would make the transition to public performance as leaders of the Barony’s court a potentially easy one. (Something that I have observed does not always come easily to some previous B&Bs.)

Thus, in this spirit, Lord Faelan and Master William would like to nominate for the positions of Barons of Innilgard.

               Baron Master William Blackwood

               Lord Faelan mac Flainn