Baronial Changeover 2019

 Baronial Succession of the Barony of Innilgard

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The Succession

Her Excellency the Honorable Lady Aeschine of Arran and His Excellency Cullan of Innilgard intend to step down at an event to be held on the 29th of June 2019.

Their Majesties, Felix and Eva, will choose successors to Aeschine and Cullan.  They will take into consideration the thoughts of their subjects in this process.  All citizens of Innilgard, and those who have ties to the Barony are encouraged to aid Their Majesties in coming to the wisest decision, by providing thoughtful commentary on the candidates.  Your feedback will be collated by Master Nicodemus Novello, for their Majesties consideration.

Nominations for the roles of Baron and/or Baroness closed on March 18th, AS LIII.  Three pairs of candidates have submitted nominations, and been found worthy of consideration by The Crown.  They are:

Meeting and questioning the Candidates

There will be an opportunity for members of the populace to meet the candidates, and put questions to them, at the Innilgard Town Hall meeting on April 1st.

Any questions you wish to put to the candidates at this meeting must be submitted in advance, to the Seneschal of Innilgard, who will serve as mistress of ceremonies (and ask questions on behalf of those unable to attend).  Candidates’ responses will be published through this website after the event.

It is also possible for members of the populace to submit questions by email, to  These questions may be put to the candidates, and written responses published here. Where more than one person submits a similar question, a summary version will be put to the candidates (to avoid repetition).

Providing commentary

Comments on the candidates will be accepted from April 19th, until May 3rd of AS LIII.  Between those dates, an online survey will be open.  The survey is anonymous.  It will also be possible to submit commentary by email to, or by physical mail to:

Innilgard Baronial Poll
37 Molloy Cr
Cook ACT 2614

While it is possible for you to submit commentary immediately by mail (physical or electronic), citizens are encouraged to wait until they have seen and/or heard the candidates’ responses to questions.

The Crown’s Decision

The Crown will announce their decision on May 10th, and the chosen Baron and Baron/ess will be invested on June 29th.